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The suit continues to be our big bet for everyday wear. The FW23 collection includes minimalist, Nordic-inspired lines, the more conservative classic cut, and the American Old Money aesthetic that takes the preppy trend to its peak. The aim: to offer a way to wear a suit on a daily basis, whatever your style.

Suits in pinstripes, Welsh checks, bird's eye, polka dots, and a wide range of suits in plain colors including this autumn's greens, browns, maroons, and an ultra-chic charcoal grey.

In terms of design, the double-breasted suit is still the top of sophistication, although three-piece suits and basic models based on the most traditional pattern are close behind. All of them adapted to the most urban and current style in order to offer comfort and functionality as well as style.

In PuroEGO you will find the most complete sartorial collection of the season.