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At PuroEGO we go for a casual shirt style worn elegantly. Our casual shirts are the perfect wardrobe staple to relax any everyday look or to elevate sporty outfits. This spring brings new linen and cotton-linen blend shirts that bring a lot of freshness, long and short sleeve guayaberas in different fabrics: cotton, jacquard, linen and denim, paisley prints, and maxi prints with silk effect finish that will undoubtedly be the focus of attention of the most summery looks.

The classic Oxford shirt is a must-have model, and at PuroEGO you will also find it in different colour versions with a predominance of neutrals, greens, pinks, and blues, always in a very soft range. Stripes and checks complete a collection that offers options for all styles and occasions.

All our shirts have a slim fit and a preppy feel to always offer the perfect balance between comfort and class.