Franchise System

PuroEGO fashion chain offers its franchise system for the entire European Union and the major capitals and cities around the world. The PuroEGO franchise system offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of product marketing and management of the franchise.
A business that we deliver turnkey for you to devote all his efforts exclusively to maximize sales.

PuroEGO does the rest:
- Always be aware of the latest trends in fashion.
- Manage the stock of the store, offering complete collections, spacious, stocked and combinable.
- Regular updating of the window.
- Continued assessment in management, display and sales through a team of professionals in the same outlet.

Terms of franchises PuroEGO

Each potential franchisee should independently evaluate the opportunity offered by the franchise PuroEGO with the advice of business advisers, lawyers and accountants. This information is not provided as a franchise offering but as information for you to consider investing in a franchise PuroEGO and development. The offer of a franchise will be made only PuroEGO by issuing the relevant prospectus.

The estimated minimum total investment to open a franchise PuroEGO is 60,000 €.

Surface-sale of 80-160 m2 approx., Plus 15% of stock.
-Interior Design PuroEGO exclusive.

Economic conditions:
Entrance fee: queried. Includes:
-Operating and corporate identity manuals.
-Staff training.
-Displacement of a team that will support the opening in the areas of merchandising, window displays,computersstorage organization.
-Support of your supervisor.

Tank System
- Supplies PuroEGO gender deposit franchises. Thus, the franchisee pays only a percentage of what already sold, returning the remaining stock at the end of the season.
-The tank stores are connected to PuroEGO through a communications system that allows obtain current stock for each store.
- PuroEGO automatically resets each week deposit gender in stores based on their sales.
-Shipments done PuroEGO warehouse stores include new items constantly, allowing a higher turnover of stock.
-Merchandise secured by bank guarantee.

Store Design:
-Interior Design and Materials: 375 € / m2 approx (excluding civil engineering)

Advertising and Public Relations (Communication):
-Support Advertising



If you are interested in opening a franchise PuroEGO, you can contact our expansion: